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SQLitePlus Frequently Asked Questions


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  • Why 2 DLLs (COM DLL + version DLL)?  Why no just one monolithic DLL?

    Splitting them into 2 DLLs eliminates the "DLL Hell" issue and protects your product installation.  If it were all in one DLL, another company's product may use a different SQLitePlus COM DLL version than yours.  This would be a huge problem, since the COM DLL is compiled with a specific version of the SQLite engine.  If another program installs a different version of the COM DLL, it could break your program, or it may be a SQLite version with a bug that affects your product in an adverse way.

    Does the SQLitePlus COM DLL require any ODBC or OLEDB drivers (MDAC)?

    No.  The only dependency it has is any of the SQLite DLLs that ship with it, and possibly a Script Engine DLL if you are using Stored Scripts (see below regarding Stored Scripts).  The COM DLL was deliberately created to NOT be an OLEDB driver for the purpose of NOT requiring MDAC to be installed, and for maximum performance (lightning speed).

  • Can I use SQLitePlus with .NET?

Yes - .NET fully supports COM objects.  However, we now have a .NET version available, so you might want to use it instead.

  • Why should I use the SQLitePlus COM DLL?

It provides a clean interface (no calling C sqlite_* functions); no callbacks to code; no column parsing.  All of that is done for you so you can immediately begin coding your application.  If you are using VB or .NET, SQLitePlus is the best option you have for distributing your application and not needing to hassle with also shipping and installing MDAC.

  • Why should I buy the Explorer tool?

The SQLitePlus Database Explorer is required to be able to create Stored Scripts and also to be able to use the "database licensing" mechanism.  Besides this, it is invaluable for working out complex queries and viewing your SQLite databases.  Once you use it, you will not want to give it up.

  • Do I need to ship any additional DLLs?

If you decide to use Stored Scripts in your application, you should distribute the applicable script engine DLL with your application.  The fact is that the high majority of Windows PCs will have both vbscript.dll and jscript.dll on them, because they are installed with IE.  But to be sure you should distribute the script engine DLL.


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