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Explore your SQLite Databases


Use SQLitePlus Database Explorer to view/edit your SQLite databases.  SQLitePlus Database Explorer is similar to SQL Server Query Analyzer.  You can create/drop/view Tables, Views, Triggers, and Indexes, and also issue SQL queries and commands to view and otherwise manipulate your data.  The data is displayed in a grid control, allowing you to copy the data to files or other programs.


  • Open multiple databases at the same time
  • Open unlimited Query windows
  • View schema info (eg. field types)
  • Create Stored Scripts
  • Execute highlighted query text or all text (like MS Query Analyzer).  This is invaluable for working-out complex queries
  • Select any of the different SQLite DLLs to view your database (see the COM DLL page for more info about the SQLite DLLs)

With the purchase of a SQLitePlus license you get the full version of the Database Explorer.

In all, SQLitePlus Database Explorer is a valuable tool for working with SQLite databases.  FYI, all database access in the Admin tools is done using the SQLitePlus COM DLL.


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