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SuperCombo HTML Combobox Active Control


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SuperCombo ActiveX

The SuperCombo is an HTML combobox control that allows you to use use HTML to create incredible, highly functional HTML dropdowns.  In fact, you can display any ActiveX control in the dropdown!  The SuperCombo is a new invention in user-interface technology that will add style to your UI! Here are some of the features of the SuperCombo:

  • Use any HTML text, including graphics.
  • Numerous properties for complete customization, including XP style.  For example, the button can be configured for any look that the HotButton allows.  The frame can have a "hot" rollover color.  The border can be 3D or flat.
  • Uses either the WOW, HotList or BrowserList for the dropdown, giving you all the power of these controls.
  • By using the WOW control, you can embed any ActiveX control in the webpage for the dropdown.  This gives you unlimited capability for your combobox.

For example, using the WOW control, you can create cool calendar date or color picker dropdowns like those shown below.  You can use also ASP to generate HTML dynamically (using HSP).  And you can specify graphics stored as a resource in an EzStor file with the HSP: protocol or your EXE or DLL using the RES: protocol, or straight from the file system. 

Besides these cool features, the SuperCombo has numerous properties that allow you to give it any style you want, including XP look-and-feel with flat style and rollover border effects.  The button part is based on the HotButton control, which gives you many, many properties for incredible flexibility. Check out these screenshots from our sample download.  All source code for the sample download is included.



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