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EzWeb License Key Generator and Copy Protection


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Customers/Orders/Products Manager for HSP / EzWeb files

EzWeb License Key Generator (EzReg)  provides a license key generator and customer management tool for your licensed HSP files. EzReg works with EzWeb content storage files to apply machine license keys so that the file cannot be read unless licensed, so you can lock down your content to only licensed machines.

The download includes all of the Visual Basic source code for EzRegAdmin.

Having the source code allows you to customize the administration of your Products, License Keys and Orders to fit your business needs.  You can even integrate these modules with your existing database.


EzReg is specially designed for copy protection of EzWeb/HSP web files and to administer your licensed software, customers, orders and products via a database program. Note that the EzReg copy protection system only features copy protection. It doesn't have a time-expiration feature, but this capability is included in the EzWeb compiler.

The HSP software generates a code that is unique to the machine it is running on. This Machine Reference Code (or Machine ID) is used by the EzReg Admin tool to generate a license key that is also unique to that machine and also to that software Product ID. Because of this, the license key will not work on any other machine, thereby giving your product copy protection.


Manual Licensing Model

Product Keys and Licensing

For example, suppose you are an author and have written two eBooks. You would purchase two Product Keys, one for each HSP eBook. You can generate unlimited license keys for each eBook.

You get:

  • EzReg Admin (shown below), which includes the EzReg licensor (plus full source code).

  • EzReg client COM DLL and static link library (no MFC dependencies).

  • C++ and VB code samples

Our EzReg program uses HSP and the WOW control to generate and display HTML from relational database data.

All relational data is hyperlinked for easy navigation to related records.  In our EzReg program, we have 3 main entities: Customers, Orders and Products.  In the Orders listing at left, clicking on a Transaction ID displays the Order details ASP page using standard HTML hyperlinking (next screen below).  Clicking on a Customer link in the right column fires an event in the VB code, which informs the application of the action in the webpage, along with information about which item was clicked.

Order Details page with hyperlinks to the Customer and Products in the Order.  Clicking on either of these will fire an event in the code, which will switch to the appropriate tab and load the page with the item that was clicked.
Customer listing page with hyperlinks.  If the Contact name is hyperlinked, clicking on it opens an email message in your mail program.
Customer details page listing all orders placed by this customer.  The order TransactionID is hyperlinked to allow quick and easy display of order details.
Products listing page, again with hyperlinks to details.


Product details page.  The button displayed is a HotButton ActiveX control on the webpage.  You can specify a graphic to display and setup the properties of the button to give it any style you want, including XP style.


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