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   Access any SQL database through
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  Database Products
SqlWeb.NET DLL  
SQLitePlus & SQLite++  
FileDb Simple .NET Database  
  HSP System
HTML Scripting Pages  
EzWeb Compiler  
EzWeb Copy Protection  
  ActiveX & .NET Components
EditListView Enhanced ListView  
WOW WebBrowser  
BrowserList HTML Listbox  
HotButton ActiveX  
HotLink HTML HyperLink  
HotList HTML Listbox  
SuperCombo HTML Droplist  
TabStrip ActiveX  
  Other Products
EzComm Messaging DLL  


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SQLitePlus Database Explorer and COM DLL  

COM DLL wrapper for SQLite engine. Access SQLite databases the same way you would using ADO with our SQLite COM DLL, but without any ODBC/OLEDB/ADO required.  Convert your MS Access databases to SQLite and be much happier.

  SQLitePlus COM DLL version 5.0 & Database Explorer version 7.0 [~3.2MB] (trial version)

Attention existing customers: You can request the latest version DLL by sending us an email.

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SQLite++ Cross Platform C++ Class Library  

Access SQLite databases with C++ (save yourself weeks of coding - why re-invent the wheel?)

  Version 3.0 .exe Setup program also includes SQLitePlus Database Explorer for your convenience in viewing your SQLite databases.

  Source code (free to use)

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FileDb Simple Database DLL and Explorer  

Finally a FREE local database solution for Windows Phone 7, Silverlight and .NET desktop apps.  The DLL is free to use and redistribute.  There is a license fee for the Explorer tool.

  Download includes DLL versions for WP7, Silverlight and .NET and FileDb Explorer evaluation

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ConfigDb for .NET - Easy to use configuration database DLL and Editor tool, similar to RegEdit.  

A FREE tool to use as an alternative to using XML config files.  No more working around the limitations and difficulties of XML config files. 

  Download includes DLL and Editor tool - all freely redistributable.

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RegDb COM DLL and Editor  

Powerful and easy to use configuration database COM DLL with Viewer-Editor similar to RegEdit.  Use as alternative to the Windows Registry.

  Version 1.x

  Redistributable .exe - You can freely distribute this Setup .exe to install the RegDb Viewer-Editor on your application user's PC.  Just launch with /verysilent parameter from your setup program and it will install silently.

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SqlWeb COM DLL and Database Explorer  

Access your SQL database from anywhere on the Web either programmatically with this COM DLL, or visually with the Database Explorer.


  Database Explorer

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HTML Scripting Pages (HSP)  

Please note that there is no .NET-specific HSP version.  HSP works the same under .NET with no issues. 
Full 30-day trial version upon request.

HSP Version 6 now uses threading for better streaming support so large files don't have to completely load before beginning to display (especially useful for large Flash movies).  HSP now supports all but a few of the MS ASP API.  HSP also has better support for other document types, such as PDF and Microsoft Office Docs.

  HSP full [2.3MB] (includes ASP and VB samples)

  HSP Lite [2.1MB]
Same version as above but without the VB sample (includes Browser App sample).

  HSP Installer [463KB]
Setup program that only installs the HSP DLL with no user interface.  Good for redistributing HSP.  You can use this if you only need to get the latest HSP DLL.  This will install the HSP DLL to the "Program Files\Common Files\EzTools" folder.  Note that this is where you should install the HSP DLL with your distributed application.

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EditListView Enhanced ListView  

Take full control of the Windows ListView Component.  Edit cells, set row and column colors, font styles and more.  Added for version 2 is new Hyperlink column style.

  Version 2 - Uses new ProgID and GUIDs so as not to conflict with old v1 version.

- New Hyperlink column style
- The ILvColumn UserData property is now the property for the cell at the current row (vs. the same value for all rows of the column).
- ILvColumnHeader now has its own UserData property, which is a value for all rows of the column.
- New EditListView SelectedRows property.

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EzToolsLib2 - 6 ActiveX Control Pack  

EzToolsLib2 includes all of our ActiveX control products:

  • WOW2 ActiveX Control [ info]
  • HotButton2 ActiveX Control [info]
  • HotList2 HTML Listbox ActiveX Control [info]
  • HotLink2 Hyperlink/Label ActiveX [info]
  • BrowserList2 HTML List ActiveX Control [info]
  • SuperCombo2 HTML Combobox ActiveX Control [info]

  EzToolsLib2 trial download [1.7mb]
Get this download for comprehensive samples of each control.  Includes full VB, ASP and HTML source code in the included Zip files.  Also includes a simple WOW sample project.

WOW2 Control only [info]  
For those who only need the WOW control, we have provided it in a separate DLL.

  WOW2 setup file download [1.2mb] (includes sample)

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HotList2 only [info] (zip file - DLL requires registration)  
For those who only need the HotList control, we have provided it in a separate DLL.

  HotList2 download [100kb] (Zip file - no samples)

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EzWeb Compiler [info] Content Storage File Generator  
This the tool you use to create secure Content Storage files that can be read by our HSP pluggable protocol, or viewed with EzView.

  Trial download [1380kb]

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EzView [info] Content Storage File Viewer  

Use EzView to view files created by EzWeb Compiler. Use EzWeb Compiler to create secure Content Storage files that can only be view with EzView (if you choose to allow it via settings).

  Trial download [537kb]

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Powerful yet easy to use Zip COM DLL for complete management of Zip files.

  Version 1.x

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EzComm [info] PC Communication COM objects DLL.  
  Trial download [1088kb]

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TabStrip ActiveX Control  

Completely customizable TabStrip ActiveX Control.

  Trial download [~600kb] (Demo version.  Full version includes Help file.)

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Integrate scripting into your .NET applications quickly and easily.

  Trial Download

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EzReg [info] License Key generator for creating locked HSP files  
  Trial Download [1090kb]

Download Note: EzReg Admin requires the VB6 runtime DLLs to be installed on your machine.  Additionally, after licensing it requires the ODBC drivers for Microsoft Access.  If you don't yet have the VB runtimes on your machine, you can download them from this link.  Its a big download, so try the program first to see if you need them.  

You may also need ADO installed. The best way to install ADO is to install MDAC (mdac_typ.exe).  You can get the latest version of MDAC from www.microsoft.com/data/

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