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FileDb .NET Database  
EditListView Enhanced ListView  
WOW WebBrowser  




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WebGen + WebStor

 HTML generation tool for Sciter, Electron - any tool that can use webserver-like HTML generation and WebStor secure content storage file for use with WebGen.

FileDb  Explorer license

 Essential tool for working with FileDb databases.

SQLitePlus COM DLL license

 COM DLL license file allowing you to freely distribute the SQLitePlus COM DLL with your applications.  Use our free Database Explorer to visualize your data.

WOW - Web on Windows - ActiveX

   Microsoft Web browser wrapper

EditListView Enhanced ListView - ActiveX

   Fully customizable and editable - based on the Microsoft ListView common control.

  Other Products
USB Hardware License Key  This is for some of our older products which are no longer listed.  Allows you to develop on any PC by just plugging in the USB stick. We can add multiple licenses to a single USB stick. Order one for each licence you require.

We now offer a USB hardware key (dongle) for most of our products. With a hardware key, you will never need to worry about replacement license keys when you change development PCs. If you have ordered a USB key, you should still send us your machine code, because it takes a few days to arrive via the mail. This allows you to begin developing immediately without the USB key.</font></p>

Replacement License Key  For PC upgrades and license key moves $80
Special Order Units  Use when paying for discounted orders or custom programming $10



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